Turning Emotions into Money – $6 Million To be Exact! 

The City of Kamloops needed millions of dollars in new provincial funding to complete their $30 million expansion of its Tournament Capital facilities. They needed to know how to achieve this goal and get the community excited about their vision for the future.

Our research and insight into community assets enabled us to apply a destination marketing paradigm to this assignment and express what municipal leaders envisioned for the community’s future – in a way that would speak to the top priorities of potential funders.

Our presentation “Place in the Sun”  presented the City’s potential to government while conveying the community vision to residents, businesses and potential tourists. The result: BC’s Premier referred to Kamloops as “The Place in the Sun” and within 60 days, Kamloops received $6 million toward recreation infrastructure from the Province.  For several years, this concept of ‘Place in the Sun” played a major role in attracting investment, marketing tourism to Kamloops and serving as the foundation of civic pride in multiple municipal communication tools.

“$6 million! We could not have done it without you. Not only did you deliver on time as promised, the quality and content exceeded our expectations! And it keeps delivering results.”

Jeff Putnam, City of Kamloops

Services Provided

Communications Strategy

Video Production

Publication Writing and Design