Creating The Software Story To Support Sales

Software is typically developed to create a better way of getting something done. However, if the ‘story’ about the problem and how the software solves it is not simple and compelling, its hard to sell to new users.

That was the challenge given to our team by the developers of a SaaS (software as a service) designed to reduce time, reduce cost and increase capacity related to foreclosure, collection and other financial institution applications.

Developed similar to a ‘customer relationship management’ software, what the client referred to as ‘Legal Relationship Management (LRM)’  needed a way to orient prospective users to the software and provide an online presentation of its solution that would capture new user leads. In essence, they needed strong product story telling across online and offline sales opportunities.

Our work began with a research based brand strategy.  We identified that the acronym ‘LRM’ had multiple references and was a crowded space both online and offline – including in the banking industry.  We developed an identity for the software based on its users – lenders and lawyers. The result of our work is “L2 – The Shared Workspace for Lenders and Lawyers”.

Once complete, we designed and developed a robust and responsive content managed website which not only profiled the advantages of the software but also served to capture prospect leads for the client sales team to nurture toward registration. The website also served as a new portal for users to login to the software from desktop, tablet or mobile.

We also produced a graphic illustration video so prospective users could see and hear the L2 story in less than 1 minute. Because just as our L2 marketing language reinforces for prospective users, time is money.


Services Provided

Marketing Communication Strategy

Brand Strategy and Development

Website Development

Video Development