Expressing A Vision That Others Can Embrace

School District 73 serves more than 15,000 students and their families and employs 2,000 education professionals in communities that spans 27,000 km.

For more than a decade, the District has retained Communication Solutions to provide communication counsel to its leadership team, develop multiple communication programs, assess and guide communication response to critical issues and provide training workshops to its senior administrators.

In 2017, the District asked us to showcase their 5 year strategic plan in a way that would increase understanding and engagement among diverse stakeholders; teachers, parents, students, as well as organizations that could contribute to achieving the District’s goals.

We accessed audience insights through research, unpacked the intent of each of the District’s goals, and identified the core promise of their plan, the ‘tone and personality’ needed and how it could be express repeatedly over the coming 5 years.

The outcomes was a brand based on a simple question and a simple promise;

Where Do You Want to Go? — Addressed all student focused priorities.

We’ll Get You There! — Addressed all District focused commitments.

The brand celebrated by District leadership, School Board, parents, teachers and students and continues to serve as the core expression of many District programs to this day.

Services Provided

Strategic Communication Planning

Brand Strategy and Development

Media Relations Counsel

Training and Facilitation